In case you didn’t get the title, it’s About, but the other way around, HAHA see what i did there ? Eh? no? ok. This is an example of a page. BLeh. Nah Just kidding. It’s me. . . Again.

As I said In my first post, My name is Suami, (i’m a girl just sayin, in case my name gives the wrong impression) and I’m 12 years of age. I’m new at WordPress, so please don’t judge 🙂

I keep losing all my drawing all over the place, so this will be my box of drawings. Which is public and this will definetly be awkward xD. But hey, I hope you like them. O h ! AND I also take requests sometimes if you message me one when u message me i will give u FREE massage oh fuck it! I’ll see if i like your request and I hope I keep learning more and more about  ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING haha well, bye then ❤

Hey there!


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